Orange You Confused by This Viral Challenge Involving Showers? Because We Are

My first shower orange //A lemon-person from ShowerOrange

Though it’s certainly been stated before, the internet is a strange place. Supporting that claim is the latest feel-good challenge that promotes eating an orange in the shower. Why? Well, we’re not entirely sure.

It all started over a year ago with a Reddit thread. In that thread, users were asked to share unconventional habits that everyone should try. That’s when one user said they start their mornings by eating an orange in the shower. Apparently, the shower is the best place to eat oranges because any stickiness you might normally get on your hands in the peeling process is washed away.

Now, an entire subreddit is dedicated to the quirky preference. It’s simply titled Shower Orange. On that page, you’ll find countless pictures and stories from people who have fallen in love with the fruit-eating method. According to the rules, grapefruits and posts containing nudity are not allowed. Clementines, tangerines, and blood oranges, however, are all welcome.

Happy valentine’s day to everyone at r/showerorange from ShowerOrange

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. from ShowerOrange

While we’re not hooked on the whole shower orange situation just yet, the internet’s impassioned response may inspire us to see what it’s all about.


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