You’ve Never Seen a Mascara Like CoverGirl’s Newest Wand

We bet you’ve heard this line before: X mascara will give you longer, more separated lashes! Then, you try it – and yes, it’s great. But it’s not really doing anything different than the last great mascara you used. Well, the good news is that CoverGirl created a brand new mascara that truly is unique. I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like it – and I’ve been around the block with more than a few mascaras.

The Covergirl Total Tease Mascara launches in May, but we have an exclusive first look! Here’s why this little pink wand is going to change your life: the brush is two tools in one. You’ll notice one side has dense bristles and the other has a teasing comb. The suction as the wand passes through the base was made to perfectly distribute the right amount of formula on both parts so that the bristle side can be your applicator, and the other can be used to separate clumps.

As someone with curly lashes that cross into each other and easily hold clumps, I was overjoyed to try this thing. It works as well as it promises, so you can load up on mascara and then easily brush it out to actually get longer, more separated strands (see: line one above). My pro tip: use the comb to fan out your lashes at the outer corners, as it makes your eyes appear bigger and more wide set.

There are no gimmicks. No frills. This really is a first-to-market product. Until Total Tease launches at drugstores this Summer for just $8, enjoy these sneak peek images!


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