7 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Ross Butler

Image Source: Getty / Christopher Polk

If you’re tuning into Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, there’s a big chance you’ve started keeping up with its incredibly talented cast. While we can’t get enough of the show’s star Dylan Minnette, there is another leading man that has caught our eye – Ross Butler, who plays Zach on the adaptation of Jay Asher’s YA novel. Even though you might recognize him for another popular TV series, there are a few things you may not have known about the 26-year-old actor. No worries, we’ve gathered up a few quick facts about him to put your crush into overdrive.

1. He was born overseas

The actor was born in Singapore and was raised by his mother in Fairfax, Virginia.

He attended Ohio State University

He majored in engineering at Ohio State, but eventually left a year later.

2. He hasn’t been acting very long

After leaving Ohio State, Ross moved to California when he was 20. A year later, he took his first acting course and everything “just clicked.”

3. He’s really tall

Playing a basketball player on 13 Reasons Why wasn’t so far-fetched for him. He’s actually 6’3″!

4. He’s on another popular series

There’s a reason why Ross looks so familiar. 13 Reasons Why actually wasn’t his first book-to-TV adaptation. He currently stars as Archie’s nemesis Reggie on Riverdale.

Image Source: The CW

5. He can sing

Aside from being a great actor, he can also sing and play guitar. Here’s hoping Reggie and Archie will jam out together on season two of Riverdale.

6. He’s a Disney Channel alum

Reggie and Jughead may be polar opposites on Riverdale, but Ross actually has one thing in common with Cole Sprouse – they both got their big start on the Disney Channel. While the latter is known for his show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Ross starred in Teen Beach Movie 2 and had a guest-starring role on K.C. Undercover with Zendaya.

7. He refuses to play stereotypical Asian characters

Since there weren’t a lot of leading Asian men in entertainment industry when he was growing up, Ross is very proactive about being a role model for the younger Asian generation. “It’s important because it’s telling the story that Asian-Americans are in American culture,” he told Variety. “They’re a big part of our population. It’s a stepping stone to helping find our Asian-American leading movie stars.”


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